Sell your property

Why sell with Prestige Villas:

From preparing your property for sale in Mallorca and marketing it the way it deserves, to monitoring interest, our personalised property performance approach means we can exceed your expectations. Prestige Villas will make managing the whole process of selling a house more efficient, quicker and less stressful.

Consultation and appraisal services:

We’re available to carry out initial evaluation and discuss your property sale with you. We will then prepare and present a property sell in Mallorca valuation. At this point, we will set out our suggestions and recommendations for the price you should place your property on the market for, as well as the best marketing strategy we believe you should use. This includes advice on preparing the property before it goes on sale and the marketing channels we’ll use to reach a big audience of potential buyers.

Marketing strategy:

At Prestige Villas, we market properties using a wide variety of effective channels which ensures that your property for sale in Mallorca will be accessible and seen by as many relevant potential buyers as possible. This includes:

  • Our mailing list of prospective buyers, filtered and tailored to your property.
  • Our website and two offices.
  • A range of online property portals.
  • A network of estate agents sharing properties.
  • You'll benefit from our excellent contacts in the Mallorcan property industry.

On the market in 3 days:

When you’re ready and instruct us to go ahead, we will get your home or property on to the market within three days.

We do our homework:

A thorough examination of the property legal situation is key. We take care of the conveyancing issues of your property sale. Our partner-led team of conveyancing lawyers also provides invaluable advice on your sale or purchase, efficiently deals with any setbacks or complications that might arise, and naturally, helps you get the result you desire.

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