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Tips before you go on holiday

You're excited to go on holiday and have been planning it for ages, but you still have one important thing to do: make sure you're prepared. Below we've listed some things you should do before you go away to ensure your trip is as safe as possible.

Get your valuables insured

You should take out travel insurance to protect yourself and your valuables. If you have any expensive possessions, such as jewellery, make sure they are insured. Ask your travel agent for advice on how much coverage is right for you.

Carry your phone separately

If you're going on holiday, it's a good idea to take your phone apart and carry the components separately. If a thief were to grab your bag, it'd be much harder for them to get their hands on your phone if they didn't have access to the whole thing.

To avoid losing your phone while travelling:

Make it a holiday to remember

All in all, there are many steps you can take to ensure your holiday is safe and enjoyable. However, it’s also important to remember that sometimes bad things happen despite our best efforts. If they do happen, it’s important to stay calm and keep a positive outlook on life so that life doesn’t get too stressful for us all!

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