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The Four Season of Life in Mallorca - Part I - Winter

Life in Mallorca as a local, a visitor or an ex-pat encompasses plenty of blue sky days, great food & drink, sport, relaxation and culture. Whatever your interests and hobbies are, you're sure to find something in Mallorca that grips you and makes you want to come back time and time again, or to set up home.

Unless you're somewhere like Palma, life is pretty seasonal, in the summer the atmosphere throughout the island is alive with the throng of visitors and locals blending together to take advantage of the fantastic beaches and summer sun. Winter is a more quiet affair with a feeling of the 'locals taking their island back' with the population reducing drastically and the life taking a step back and going a little slower. That's not to say that the place closes completely, there are plenty of festivals and firas throughout the island which are some of the best events in the calendar.

Don't be fooled, winter (normally) is a cold time of year here, with a cool wind coming in off the sea, when there aren't blue skies it certainly is chilly. Winter can be harsh but it's also a charming time of year, with festivals like Sant Antoni, Sant Sebastià and of course the highlight - the Three Kings (5th January). The towns and cities across Spain host a Cabalgata, which is a parade where sweeties are thrown to the crowds by the Kings and others taking part in the parade. Then afterwards, families head home to share gifts.

The market is an all year round event. Different produce but still great, authentic products. The market is an all year round event. Different produce but still great, authentic products.

If you're lucky enough to be in the North of Mallorca, the next big party isn't far off, Sant Antoni is celebrated on the 17th January and the main event is cutting down a pine tree measuring around 23 meters tall. It is then dragged through from the valley where it was cut down, into the centre of Pollença to the Plaça Vella. From there, it is rubbed in soap and erected with help from some ropes and a pulley system hoisting the tree tall. Next up is the climb, brave Pollencins are then invited to climb to the top to reach a basket filled with a live chicken and a bag full of confetti. This is no easy feat and sometimes crowds are waiting hours before someone makes it to the top. Of course most who take part are in training the whole year before hand.

Wonderful photo taken by mallorcaleneholmager on Instagram: Wonderful photo of almond blossom taken by mallorcaleneholmager on Instagram:

The gorgeous flora and fauna of Mallorca starts to show off in the winter with the sprinkling of almond blossom dotting the countryside. The island is greener than ever taking in the rain water from the winter and grasses and bushes are covering the countryside in green while the trees prepare for blossom.

snow in pollença Snow in Pollença, 2015

This year we've started off winter with unseasonable warm and dry weather. That's not to say it'll continue like this, if there's anything I know, it'll be that it can change in an instant. Being surrounded by mountains and sea can bring violent storms and rapidly changing weather fronts. Let's see what happens this year...

Winter in Mallorca is a great time for cycling, hiking or just generally enjoying the outdoors.

Cycling Mallorca Cycling in the North of Mallorca

We'll continue this post in a few months with our Spring blog.

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