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Restricted Access to the Formentor Lighthouse

New restrictions have come in to place on the Formentor road (Ma-2210) between the beach and the lighthouse. Between 15th June and 15th September between 10 am - 7 pm only authorised vehicles and bicycles will be allowed to use of the road. If you have visited in recent years, before the restrictions, you will have seen how busy and chaotic the road can get, so the authorities have brought the new rules into place to increase safety and reduce the pressures on infrastructure. 
After a successful pilot project last year the town council decided to extend the restricted period, as previously it was only July & August. Councillor Antoni Cànoves says, "this summer we have decided to restrict access to vehicles for another month because during the last pilot plan we verified that if the intensity of vehicles at rush hour was 300, thanks to the restrictions it dropped to 20, which means that at the time of maximum influx of visitors the traffic was reduced by more than 90%”.
Unlike last year the DGT (Direcció General de Trànsit) will install a barrier and license plate reader at the Formentor beach. Any drivers caught driving on the road during the restricted hours will be fined €200 (reduced to €100 if paid within 20 days).
How to access the Formentor Lighthouse
If the Formentor lighthouse is still on your to-do list of sights to see while you are visiting the area, then worry not, the lighthouse can still be accessed by taking the shuttle bus from the main bus stop in Port de Pollença (recommended) or the car park by the beach. 
The shuttle bus will be running more frequently and has also included one more stop on the route by the football pitch just before you take the mountain road to Formentor. That means the shuttle bus stops will be: Port de Pollença bus station, IES Clara Hammerl, Football pitch, Colomer Viewpoint, Formentor beach, Cala Murta & Cala Figuera, Formentor lighthouse.
Accessibility has also been improved at the Colomer viewpoint, and there will also be guides on hand to point drivers in the right direction. 
Further information can be found on the Consell de Mallorca website and the shuttle bus timetable on the TIB website.

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