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Move along Saint Valentine, here comes Sant Jordi

Tradition has it that on 23rd April, la Diada de Sant Jordi, people in the areas of Catalunya and the Balearic islands do something special for their loved ones. Unlike the hyped up Valentines day, Sant Jordi is a much more modest affair. Men across the region will buy a rose for their ladies in their life and woman will buy a book for the men.

The rose, symbolising passion, is usually accompanied by corn to symbolise fertility. This isn't a new thing, this tradition has been on the go since the 15th Century. What's great about this day is that it goes fairly unknown throughout the World so is a fantastic opportunity to catch on to the festivities and buy your loved ones a rose or a book, regardless of where you are. Nobody is going to be upset about receiving a gift on Sant Jordi, are they?

So, give it a shot, ladies go out and find the perfect book (preferably not an e-book) for the men in your life and you guys go out and get a rose. There's no restrictions here, it can be your other half, your mum, dad, brother, friend or neighbour. They won't expect it and one thing that's guaranteed - they'll love it.

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