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Mallorca on Screen

Mallorca, the largest island in the Balearic archipelago, is not only a popular tourist destination but also a sought-after location for film and TV productions. In recent years, the island has been the backdrop for several films and series showcasing its stunning landscapes and rich culture. Here are some of the most notable productions filmed in Mallorca in recent years.

1. "The Mallorca Files" (2019-2021)

This hit BBC One day time TV series follows a British detective and her German counterpart as they solve crimes on the island. The show was praised for its stunning visuals, which captured the beauty of Mallorca's coastlines, mountains, and cities. It also highlighted the island's gastronomy, culture, and local traditions.

2. "Cloud Atlas” (2012)

From IMDB, ‘An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution.’ With the iconic Torrent de Pareis beach used in one of the opening scenes.

3. “The Night Manager“ (2016)

With rumours of a second season, The Night Manager and it’s star-filled cast was filmed in Mallorca, with an inside peek at the amazing Fortaleza property that you can see from Port de Pollença. Mallorca was chosen alongside other iconic locations, such as the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

4. “Hustle“ (2022)

That one where Adam Sandler dressed up in full Siberian winter get-up during the hottest day in July for a second-long clip of him feeding a Mcdonald's chip to a goat, yeh, that was filmed here too.

5. “Lioness” (2023)

Staring Nicole Kidman, Morgan Freeman and Zoe Saldaña, Lioness was filmed here just this past winter. The programme is inspired by a real-life undercover program of the CIA; it promises to follow a team of operatives attempting to bring down a terrorist organisation within, using a female operative to infiltrate the organisation.

6. “The Crown”

Some impressive water scenes have been shot for The Crown in Mallorca, including the hotly anticipated last season, which featured the difficult times between Princess Diana and Prince Charles. That boat they were holidaying on that was based here in Mallorca.

In conclusion, Mallorca continues to attract filmmakers from around the world thanks to its diverse landscapes, rich culture, and favourable weather conditions. The island's appearance in these recent productions has helped to promote it as a versatile and visually striking location for film and TV. It remains to be seen what other stories will be told on Mallorca's shores in the years to come.

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