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It's hot, like, really hot

This year to date we've had some extremes in Mallorca, we had snow in February and a little heat wave in May and now here it is, the summer sun. The big light in the sky is on and it's not cooling down anytime soon.

So far this summer we've reached temperatures of 30ºC during beautiful cloudless skies. What's more, the evening temperatures are remaining high, according to the AEMET. Although we don't necessarily need their fancy gadgets to tell us this, feeling warm enough in shorts and t-shirt at 11pm is fact enough.

We'll be experiencing some Southerly winds blowing a coastal breeze over the next few days and according to the temperatures will climb throughout this week. That makes a welcome change from last weeks rain showers and thunder storms. Roll on summer with it's hot days and mild evenings.

Get the suntan lotion out, we'll see you at the beach!

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