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Holy Week 2019 - What's on this Easter

Maundy Thursday
On the evening of Dijous Sant (Maundy Thursday) the Last Supper, the Betrayal of Jesus and other scenes from the Easter story are depicted in the streets and squares of Pollença. A parade of townsfolk, in all their penitents garb, leads Jesus to witness these scenes as he drags the cross over his shoulder. Known as the Processó de la Sang (Procession of the Blood of Christ) it is all very sombre and well worth coming out to see. This is not the main Easter event in Pollença, the Good Friday procession is what puts this little town on Mallorca's fiesta map.

5.00pm: Port de Pollença
Mass of the Lord’s Supper (A Service of Worship for Maundy Thursday) at the main church in the square.

7.00pm: Pollença
Mass of the Lord’s Supper (A Service of Worship for Maundy Thursday) at the main church in the square.

9.00pm: Pollença
Procession through the streets of Pollença with the figure of Jesus Christ. Processó de la Sang starts at 9.15pm. The Quadres de Passió are set up in the Plaça Major, Sant Jordi, the stations of the cross on the Calvari, the St Isidre fountain and at the Convent.

 Good Friday
9.00pm: Calvari Steps, Pollença
Known as the ‘Davallament’, the hooded confrarias (brotherhoods from various parts of the town), move slowly down the famous Calvari Steps. The scene, in silence except the eerie beating of a drum, with a sea of torches and pointed hoods against the night sky while the Calvari chapel peers down from the top of the hill, is a spine-tingling affair. Whether you're a believer or not, this display of Easter is a sight to behold. For the full impact, make your way up the Calvari steps, halfway up is perfect, and make sure you have your spot before they leave from the top. Get your camera ready, this is a photographer's dream!

Davallament: Calvari Steps
The descent begins around 9pm. Make sure you're in situ before then. It gets crowded all of a sudden.

Holy Saturday
7.30pm: Port de Pollença
Solemn Easter vigil at the main Church.

10.00pm: Pollença
Solemn Easter vigil at the main Church.

 Easter Sunday
Come Sunday morning, the market in Pollença becomes a secondary distraction as the Procesión del Santo Encuentro culminates in the main square and the image of Jesus meets the image of his mother.
The joy of the event is followed by a quick and perhaps surprising spectacle of gunfire. Rounds shift in turn between different rooftops, once it's over those inclined head to church for the solemn Mass.

9.00am: Port de Pollença
Solemn Easter Mass at the main Church

11.30am: Pollença
Solemn Easter Mass of the resurrection of Jesus Christ followed by a procession.

 Monday 22nd April
Easter is all tied up on the Monday or Tuesday with a mini-pilgrimage to out of the way refugis. In Pollensa this is to the Puig de Maria, everyone comes together for a giant Paella. The same happens in Alcudia with a walk to the 'Pancaritat al Santuario de la Victoria’, held every year and those that joined the pilgrimage can enjoy a paella at the top.

11.30am: Puig de Maria, Pollença
Children’s party.

12.30pm: Puig de Maria, Pollença
Mass at the top of the Puig de Maria then traditional folk music from Xeremiers Orats and Corda Amarada and dancing group Aires de la Cala.

See our blog post with more information about Easter in north Mallorca. 

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