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Can Guillem FAQ

Ever since we uploaded this property a week ago we have received a lot of enquiries and it is not that surprising. A villa like this one in the desirable area of the North of Mallorca would normally cost more than 400,000 €. As you may have anticipated, there is a reason why the price of this property is so good.

So here is a special FAQ for this property that may answer some of your questions you may have:


1. How come this villa is so cheap?

The property was built with no planning permission and it cannot be legalised today under current regulation, hence the price.

2. Is it legal to buy it?

Yes, the property can be sold despite its legal status.

3. Could it be renovated or expanded?

No, you wouldn't be granted planning permission.

4. Could I get a mortgage?

Not for this property. This property would be better suited for potential buyers who could request a mortgage on another property they may own already or that simply have the money in the bank.

It still sounds very interesting... what could I do to find out more?

Get in touch with us and we will answer any more questions you may have. We would like to encourage you to book a viewing of this property as well.

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