Moving to Mallorca – What Next?

So, you have bought your property in Mallorca, and the dream is about to become a reality. Exciting stuff! So what should come first?


The best advice is to get this done at the beginning. Use a local ‘gestoria’ and lawyer to advise you on the process and, if possible, to actually do it for you. The Oficina de Extranjería (Immigration Office) is not the most exciting place in the world – in fact, this is definitely not the Mallorca you were dreaming of – but to get what you need, you have to be there physically. If you are moving here full-time, a residencia card is obligatory, and if you are coming from the UK with Brexit looming, it’s best to get it done.

Tax is also something to think about, as a non-resident you are liable to pay a non-resident income tax, if you are renting your property then you need to declare your income. See our Tax Guide here.

At a more local level, signing on to the Padrón at your Town Hall is a happier item on your to-do list. Take your passport, NIE (or Residencia card if you already have it), the deeds to your property and a recent utility bill, and you will receive a ‘Certificado de Empadronamiento’. Along with being registered and able to vote in local elections, the best of all is an entitlement to discounted travel around Spain. Flights to the mainland can be reduced by 50%, inter-island travel by 75%. You can get the ‘Certificado de Viaje’ once you’re on the Padrón and it is well worth the bother!


If you’re getting mixed up with your “buenos días” and “bon dia”, your “gracias” and “gràcies”, then you know of the language complexities in your new home. While many live in Mallorca without learning a single word of Spanish or Catalan, those that do can definitely notice a difference in their daily life. Neighbours become friends, shopkeepers know you by name, the people in your preferred coffee bar will know what you want before you’ve sat down; in general, people open up to you.

There are language schools in the north, and there are private teachers who offer one-to-one sessions and conversation classes. Also, as English is essential to islanders, many are keen to learn from you. Language exchanges are frequent and these involve nothing more than sitting having a coffee and chatting in two languages, picking up vocabulary and phrases along the way.

For children, the younger they are, the easier it will be for them to learn. With sponge-like brains, their capacity to pick up a new language will thrill and astound you. In a local school, the children can receive extra help, but nothing works better than playing with new friends.

Social Life

Depending on where you are living, you will find it relatively easy to find new friends. Foreign residents tend to converge naturally as they frequent the same bars and restaurants. But once the novelty wears off, there are plenty of ways to integrate and meet people from the whole community.

Sports Centres in the north have swimming classes and regular municipal-run activity for many sports including general fitness. There are also private groups that meet every week including football, rugby, netball, athletics and more. Trail running in the Tramuntana is popular, and many meet at the weekends and compete in local races. Language classes will help you join in fully, but even if your grasp of the language is weak, a willingness to learn is often repaid with patience and help.

If sport is not your thing, there are plenty of local groups and organisations that hold regular meetings and events. Whether it’s charity appeals or wine appreciation, bridge or art classes, there’s plenty of activity, and a quick look on Facebook or asking around will point you in the right direction.

Life in Mallorca is relaxed, it can be cold and quiet in the winter, lively and bright in the summer, but each season rewards with its stunning landscape and inimitable charm. There’s so much more to it than the beach and living here (for long holidays or long-term) means it is all there for the taking.

5 Tips for Selling your Home

There’s no doubt of the desirability of owning property in Mallorca, so selling one should be a piece of cake, right? Well, if you are serious about selling it and doing so quickly, then not really.

The island is awash with beautiful properties. Many potential buyers will have stayed in some during their holidays, some may have decided to buy based on their experience of their luxury holiday home in Mallorca. Your property needs to live up to that dream; the buyers’ expectations.

Think about the character of your property, nine times out of ten, that is what buyers want. So walking into a home that you have lived in for the past ten years which is full of things that make up your daily life is not going to conjure their vision of life in Mallorca. Perhaps your property has been rented for a while and wear and tear is showing through. A cluttered house in a sad state does not shout “Mallorca Living”.

Tip 1: Have a good old clear out

It’s time-consuming and a pain, sometimes emotionally draining even, but you have to do it anyway so why not get started and improve the overall image of your property? A wide open space shows potential while a crammed and busy space just feels small.

Tip 2: Blank canvas & presentation 

Once you have this job out of the way, let us get cracking with the photo shoot. This is the first opportunity to give that perfect first impression. While you may have got rid of clutter, for the photos, take away personal items. Think about your home becoming a blank canvas for someone to come in and make their own.

Open up all the doors, windows and shutters and shed some light on the subject. Make it light and airy, inviting and attractive. We will do our best to highlight the character of your home and be sure to capture each and every part.

Tip 3: Cleanliness

With the above steps carried out, it’ll soon be time for viewings. Potential buyers are intrigued by the photos, now make this a reality. This is another first impression opportunity and it has to look good from the beginning, ie from the garden gate or front door. It should smell good too. Get rid of any rubbish, recycling and perhaps skip the fish dinner the night before. Neutralise your home, have fresh bed linen on the beds, mop the floors, put your old shoes away, wash the pet bedding and move rubbish/recycling bins out of the way.

Tip 4: Get everything working seamlessly 

At the viewing, let your Estate Agent do the selling, try and stay away so that potential buyers will feel comfortable enough to have a good look around. And be sure that when they do, your buyers don’t find any annoying things like a broken step, a door that won’t shut. Fix all these small jobs, it will make a difference.

Tip 5: Price

Lastly, it’s important to note, no one will bother to look if the price is wrong. Listen to your Estate Agent and look at similar properties that have just been sold in the area. You may be selling a Mallorcan dream, but it has to be at the right price.

Take a look at our range of properties for sale in North Mallorca. 

A Dream Cycling Holiday in the North of Mallorca

When it comes to luxury villas, Mallorca has them in spades. And, when it comes to your cycling holiday on the island, you don’t have to miss out on the best property Mallorca has to offer.

Here in the north there are plenty of rental villas that can complete your dream cycling trip. So, here is a checklist that will help you make the all-important selection.

Luxury Villa for your Cycling Trip – A Checklist

Check the location. Is it near the main cycling routes? Can you easily get to bike shops and centres for all important supplies and maintenance?

In the north of Mallorca, the ride to Lluc and into the Tramuntana are popular. The cap de Formentor (soon to be exclusive to cyclists and the odd shuttle bus), the road up to La Victoria, as well as the wetlands, coastal routes and country lanes in between are all a happy cyclist’s playground. Choose your villa with the routes in mind.

Whether you travelled with your bike, or you’ve rented one from one of the excellent suppliers here on the island, the last thing you want is for it to go missing or get damaged. When you’re selecting accommodation, look at the security. Can you lock your bikes away, is there a protected area undercover for the bikes to be stored out of any bad weather?

Test the R&R – this is your holiday after all. After a long day on the saddle, you want to be able to relax and your choice of villa can determine how well you do this. Does the villa have a pool or Jacuzzi for those aching legs? Do you have some space for a massage?

If you’re looking at a countryside property, look at the access. Is it a smooth ride or a bumpy track to the entrance?

How about facilities? Make sure there is a decent washing machine. You need to feel fresh every day when you hit the road. Also, for hanging out post- or pre- ride, is there enough to keep you entertained? Games room, satellite TV… the best villas will cater for all tastes and needs.

Our Luxury Villas for Cyclists

Here at Prestige Villas, we have just what you need. Here’s a selection of our favourites:

Can Menut Nou

So often we hear, “I want a villa with countryside surroundings but just a 5 minute walk to the town.” It’s not always easy to work miracles, but with Can Menut Nou, it is. This villa is right on the edge of Pollensa Old Town, round the corner from the road to Lluc. What’s more it has a Jacuzzi, pool and a table tennis table.

Estrella de Calvari

The jewel in Pollensa’s crown are the Calvari steps. Many a wanderer has taken in the stunning properties while also taking in the view of this beautiful old town. Set back from the steps, Estrella del Calvari is away from the tourist trail so privacy is not an issue, and its modern design and breathtaking views will make you feel like the King or Queen of the Calvari (just bear in mind that it comes with a hilly walk — or ride — up, depending on how tired and wobbly your legs are feeling).

Casa Lluna

Heading down to Campanet, Casa Lluna will get you right on track for the Tramuntana cycling routes. Whether you’re heading up through Selva and on to Lluc, or looping your way to Soller, this villa is at a superb starting point. Just beware that once you’re in, it will be difficult to leave. The design and quality of this beautiful house will make you feel right at home.

Moscari I

The idea that holiday rental villas need a neutral or blank canvas interior is lost on this holiday home from home. Many a chic boutique hotel screams with character and so does Moscari I. Executed with style, taste and with no expense spared, this luxury villa adds a splash of colour to your cycling holiday. In fact your fitness levels will get a boost just from rushing to get back to it every day.

Moscari II

This luxury holiday home can be connected to its big brother, Moscari I, so your cycling holiday party can get bigger than you thought. Expect more of the same character and chic boutique feel and say hello to the pool table and tennis court. Oh yes, this could make your dream cycling holiday come true.

For more properties in Mallorca, check out our website: villa rentals and sales.



Easter in North Mallorca

Easter in Mallorca is a somewhat sombre and serious affair. It all starts with Lent, right after the craziness of carnival is cleared up. The first day of the seven weeks of restriction is marked with the chopping down of the St Antoni pine (a whole other story).

The poster-girl and legend of Lent, La Jaia Corema watches over the children and one of her seven legs is cut off as each week passes. On Easter Saturday she is taken down from the wall she’s been hung on and cut in two. And the children tuck into their sweets.

Palm Sunday

Rewind to the weekend before, and the Diumenge del Ram (Palm Sunday to you and me) is the first Easter event to witness. Palms are made into fantastic shapes and sizes and hung on front doors and balconies. A Palmerero will prepare the palm leaves well in advance to grow them in the characteristic white colour. Made by hand, the decorations range from simple plaited designs that children can make, or more elaborate ornaments that can take three days to produce. On the morning of Diumenge de Rams, after the blessing of the Palm, the priest and children of the church form a parade, palm in hand, and walk from the Monti-Sion church to the main church in the square.

Holy Thursday

On the evening of Dijous Sant (Maundy Thursday) the Last Supper, the Betrayal of Jesus and other scenes from the Easter story are depicted in the streets and plazas of Pollensa. A parade of townsfolk, in all their penitents garb, leads Jesus to witness these scenes as he drags the cross over his shoulder. Known as the Processó de la Sang (Procession of the Blood of Christ) it is all very sombre and well worth coming out to see. But this is not the main Easter event in Pollensa, the Good Friday procession is what puts this little town on Mallorca’s fiesta map.

Good Friday

Known as the Davallament, the hooded confrarias (brotherhoods from various parts of the town), move slowly down the famous Calvari Steps. The scene, in silence except the eerie beating of a drum, with a sea of torches and pointed hoods against the night sky while the Calvari chapel peers down from the top of the hill, is a spine-tingling affair. Whether you’re a believer or not, this display of Easter is a sight to behold. For the full impact, make your way up the Calvari steps, half way up is perfect, and make sure you have your spot before they leave from the top. Get your camera ready, this is a photographer’s dream.

Easter Sunday

Come Sunday morning, the market in Pollensa becomes a secondary distraction as the Procesión del Santo Encuentro culminates in the main square and the image of Jesus meets the image of his mother. The joy of the event is followed by a quick and perhaps surprising spectacle of gunfire. Rounds shift in turn between different rooftops, once it’s over those inclined head to church for the solemn Mass.

Easter is all tied up on the Monday or Tuesday with a mini-pilgrimage to out of the way refugis. In Alcudia the ‘Pancaritat al Santuario de la Victoria’ is held every year and those that joined the pilgrimage can enjoy a paella at the top. This is the same in Pollensa when, after walking up the Puig de Maria, everyone comes together for a giant Paella.


Diumenge del Ram: Solemn Mass and procession starts at 11.45am

Dijous Sant: Processó de la Sang starts at 9.15pm. The Quadres de Passió are set up in the Plaza Major, Sant Jordi, the stations of the cross on the Calvari, the St Isidre fountain and at the Convent.

Davallament: the descent begins around 9pm. Make sure you’re in situ before then. It gets crowded all of a sudden.

Where to Stay

For a selection of properties walking distance to the events, see our townhouses in Pollença. Click here.

Lluna de la Font, new luxury villa to rent in Pollensa

Just outside of Pollença town is la Font, a small residential area built on the hillside offering the properties that sit there an elevated view of the countryside and landscape of North Mallorca.

Among those houses is Lluna de la Font, a new property that we are featuring for the 2018 season. Located right at the end of a cul de sac, the way the villa was designed means that neighbours do not overlook it and you can enjoy the utmost privacy and tranquillity.

Complementing the high-quality construction is traditional Mallorcan architectural features such as stone walls and beams throughout the interiors. The interior of the house is elegant with a modern feel to it, full of natural light, warmth and beautiful open plan spaces.

The outside has a classic rough stone façade and plenty of terraced areas to sit and relax.That said, the real beauty of this villa lies in the views and many spacious outdoor areas surrounding the house. The main terrace is a suntrap, and with a long 14m saltwater pool it’s easy to cool off in the hot summer sun.

The property is excellent for larger groups and is fully functioning with a very well equipped, tried and tested kitchen. If you’re more of an outdoor chef, there’s a gas BBQ and a BBQ built into the rocks.


The villa has four bright bedrooms and is perfect for 8 guests. Changeovers are on a Friday at this property, and there are plenty of weeks available throughout the season. It’s a great property at any time of year.

To see more photos or to enquire, take a look at our website by clicking here.

Collaboration with Stand Up To Cancer

We’re excited to be working with Cancer Research UK this year in their charity auction run by Stand Up To Cancer.

This year is the ninth ‘Sound & Vision’ event, which is an intimate immersive event held at Abbey Road Studios with this year’s theme being early 80s. Celebrating the birthplace of New Romantic scene and the explosion of club culture. Gary Kemp is the Event Patron and Boy George is the confirmed headline performer.

Sound & Vision was launched by the late Sir George Martin in the year 2006. Since it’s inception, it has raised over £1m for Cancer Research UK.

As part of Cancer Research UK’s Stand Up To Cancer campaign, Sound & Vision will be recreating the two Soho clubs that were the birthplace of the New Romantic scene – the Blitz and the Wag. Where Spandau Ballet, Boy George and Duran Duran were all regulars and the strict door policy meant only the creme to la creme of the 80’s club scene were granted entry.

Stand Up to Cancer will be running an auction during the event. One of the lots is a 7-night stay at one of our properties in North Mallorca. The highest bidder will have the opportunity to stay in one of a choice of four properties that sleep between 8 and 10 guests.

Other luxury prizes are on offer will be a selection of incredible rock and roll art and photography, luxury prizes and money can’t buy experiences.

La Coma – family villa for rent in Pollença, North Mallorca

If you’ve been on our rentals website, I’m sure La Coma would have been one of the listings that stood out. Just a short distance into Pollença old town, the villa is so well located that if you fancy you could easily walk into town for dinner in the evening, or even hire bikes and ride into town whenever you like. Split across two floors; the villa can conveniently accommodate two families travelling together or a large family. 

As you walk in, you’ll find a large covered terrace with views right across the Colonya Valley. Whenever we’ve met with our guests staying here, they always comment on how wonderful it is to see the sky lit up with a blanket of stars and just how many you’re able to observe from this property.

If it’s entertainment for the children you’re thinking about when holidaying in Mallorca, then be rest assured that the children will be plenty entertained here. If it’s outdoor activities they like then there’s ping pong, a large field to play football in or of course the swimming pool. During the hotter hours of the day and for a bit of downtime then there’s always the chance to catch up on the latest things on the Apple TV or DVD collection.

Get to know it, see our virtual tour here:

Virtual Tour La Coma
Have a digital walk through and get to know the place. Click here to go on a virtual tour.


The villa is rented in the peak season months from June – September. If you are looking for a property to sleep ten guests, then we highly recommend giving this one a look.

It’s not just us that raves about it, check out a review from some guests last year:

“Thank you, Prestige Villas, for our relaxing week at La Coma. We knew from the moment we arrived the holiday would be everything you promised. We were greeted with a thoughtful welcome pack and great information booklet that explained all the necessary things about the house, plus useful information about the local area with restaurant recommendations as well as other places to visit in Mallorca. The villa was clean and comfortable. It had obviously been recently decorated and we really liked the relaxed, personal style of the villa. There was all the necessary equipment in the kitchen and it was of the best quality you could have expected from this type of rental property. The exterior of the villa was lovely. There is a lot of outdoor space, with an excellent pool and plenty of shaded areas on the terraces. The villa is in a quiet area and the views are great, excellent for star gazing at night! We had BBQ´s for dinner on most of the nights and decided to use the brick BBQ. Although it was tucked away from the views of the mountains, it was very good. There was also a smaller portable BBQ that could have been moved into a position to enjoy the views. An unexpected bonus for us was to find there was lots of toys for children a kitchen, tent, table and chairs, jigsaws, DVD´s etc. which our three year old loved! The villa was easy to find and very close to Pollenca. Although it would be possible to walk to town, I would not recommend it as the roads are quite narrow. It also only took us about 5 minutes to drive to two decent size supermarkets and 10 minutes to drive to the beach. We loved our holiday here and could not have asked for anything more. I would certainly recommend this villa to families and larger groups. There is lots of space, plenty of parking, and the separate annex by the pool is very private.”

Can Menut Nou – new rental property Pollença

Sitting on the outskirts of Pollença, opposite the hikers refugi, the luxurious Can Menut Nou villa enjoys a private finca setting at a short walking distance to Pollença town centre and a quick round the corner drive to the main road connecting you to the supermarket, beach and Port de Pollença. As it is the outskirts of town, the villa is very peaceful and great for reading a book and taking some time out.

Can Menut Nou
Outdoor sunbathing space with pool
Can Menut Nou
Covered dining table for alfresco meals. Easy access to the kitchen. Lovely spot for breakfast in the mornings. 
Can Menut Nou
Covered seating area on the terrace. Protected from the hot sun.

The interior design is specially balanced in neutral colours setting off a calm and peaceful tone. The downstairs open plan living, dining and kitchen space is surrounded by large french doors leading to the wrap around terrace. There one can enjoy the large covered dining area or relaxing sofa area. There’s also sun loungers and a pool, great for cooling down in the hot summer.

Can Menut Nou
Contemporary and stylish interiors. Large patio doors let in plenty of light.
Can Menut Nou
Open plan dining, living and kitchen space.
Can Menut Nou
Fully equipped kitchen leading out to the covered dining table on the terrace.

In the garage there is a table tennis table and the sitting room has sky TV and DVD player, plenty to keep everyone entertained when not relaxing in the sun.

Sleeping eight people across four bedrooms the property is ideal for adult groups or families with older children who all wish a bit more independence. It takes just 10 minutes to walk to the centre of town where every Sunday there is a local fruit and vegetable market as well as other produce such as oils, salts, cold cuts, cheeses and souvenirs.


Can Menut Nou
Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, walk in wardrobe and private terrace.
Can Menut Nou
Stunning views from the master bedroom private terrace.
Can Menut Nou
Upstairs twin bedroom with en-suite bathroom.
Can Menut Nou
Upstairs twin room with en-suite bathroom.
Can Menut Nou
Ground floor double bedroom with en-suite shower room.

Prices and availability vary throughout the season. Prices start from 1,490 Euros per week. To see more, view the property on our website.



Can Cuarassa – New property to rent in Puerto Pollensa

Located just a 7 minute drive from the centre of Port de Pollença or even a 20 minutes bike ride, the new villa Can Cuarassa is offering the very best in North Mallorca for 2016. The property is set in the countryside surrounded by fields and the nearby protected Albufera Natural Reserve. It’s just a short distance from the seafront and a lovely area to stroll around for a walk or run.

The outdoor area really is fantastic with a large garden area, huge pool and outdoor dining table. Due to its location, the property enjoys a sea breeze pretty much all day keeping you cool outside in the hot sun.

There is also an outdoor bar and gas BBQ area with a large area to prep an evening meal and aperitif.

Can Cuarassa

To add to all of the above, the property has an home theatre in the basement with eight authentic cinema seats.

Can Cuarassa

And of course a gym…

Can Curassa

The property boasts six bedrooms with top quality linens and lovely decor and style. Throughout the property very natural colours and textures have been used creating a homely and contemporary style.

The property can host a total of 12 guests across four double bedrooms and two twin bedrooms.

This property is ideal for larger families or two families travelling together. You’re unlikely to get bored here with all the entertainment and relaxation on offer but if you do, you’re not far from all the action in town. The popular Can Cuarassa restaurant is also walking distance.

Prices range throughout the season from 4,080 Euros to 10,200 Euros.

See more information about this villa and enquire on our website: Can Cuarassa

Walk through Ternelles Valley

UPDATE: As of summer 2018 access to this trail is currently closed.

Unlike our hike of Puig de Maria, the Ternelles Valley isn’t for the faint-hearted and is better suited to the more active walker. Despite not being a walker myself, I’m not completely unfit (at least I like to think so) and so I managed the walk just fine… but only just. The landscape one passes on this walk is just unreal and such a beautiful area of Mallorca.

Let me start from the beginning though, our base for this walk was the villa Can Hans, already located on the Camí de Ternelles and a stunning setting in itself. One can relax by the pool and hear nothing but the birds chirping in the trees. The Ternelles Valley is located outside of Pollença; you can see the turning for Camí de Ternelles opposite the entrance to Pollença from the Pollença-Lluc road. The walking trail in Ternelles has strict access, and only twenty people are allowed per day, and this is regulated. The reason the hike is restricted is that the valley is on private land owned by the Mallorcan March family. Any ordinary day the access is restricted, but on Sant Antoni, the whole town congregates in Ternelles to cut down a pine tree, essential to the Sant Antoni festivities. We’ll leave that story for another blog post though.

Base Camp - Can Hans

We had picked the day we were going on the hike well in advanced and got our passes in early. The passes book up fast in the winter months. This hike is recommended for the cooler months, by the time June rolls around, not to mention July and August, it is just too hot and unshaded to attempt this walk unless of course you are well trained in hot conditions or you’re going first thing in the morning.

Access is grated from 8 am – 5 pm but we didn’t get ourselves ready until around 9.30am, due to a late night on the Ruta del Tapeo the night before. The guard checked our passes and nodded us through, and all was well. We first walked through a wooded area for the most part and passed a few large rural properties on our way and quite a few lazy sheep that looked like they’d also had a rough night the night before. Most were pretty timid, and we started to feel bad that as soon as we got closer to them on the path, they would get up and walk away, interrupting their nap. Soon, the trail forked, the left path takes you the Castell del Rei and the right to Cala Castell beach. The path to the castle is no longer accessible as the area is protected for the resident black vultures.




On our quest to the beach, after a bit of uphill walking, we reached the end of the woods and the land in front of up opened up into lush green fields, a complete contrast to what we had just witnessed and such a delight to see. Never have I seen such lush green grass before in Mallorca. Behind us were stunning views of the mountains beyond and ahead of us was the remaining walk to the beach. The path soon starts to wind down to the beach with hairpin bends all the way down. The path at this point becomes quite loose which made walking a bit more tricky, especially when all our eyes were focused on the amazing sea views which just hit us in the face.



We didn’t actually see anyone else on our entire hike, and when we got down to the beach the only other people there were a few kayakers, I did, however, think that they were crashing our private beach party. I, of course, checked our GPS as soon as I got to the beach and we had walked 9.6km which took us around 2 hours to do. The water was fairly chilly but by no means too cold for a quick dip. The cala itself had strange textures throughout and was very rocky and dramatic. I particularly liked the large point which protected the water from becoming too choppy. It’s highly recommended to take food for a picnic once you get to the beach and to take a good rest before the hike back up.



Our return from the beach was actually quite alright; we were particularly fortunate that the sun was covered by a light layer of clouds but had it not been, it would have been quite a few kilometres of completely unshaded walking – so don’t forget to take your hat!


By the end of the walk, our legs were tired, and the blood had rushed to our fingers. Reaching our humble base station, Can Hans, was a relief and the best thing was to dip in the pool to cool off.

You’re best to check the forecast before setting off. A Northerly wind can make this walk quite a challenge.

For those keen walkers, this is an absolute must while in Mallorca. Passes are currently available from the Pollença council website, and you’d need your passport details and need to take your passport with you for the check before starting.

Ternelles route tracker