Moving to Mallorca – What Next?

So, you have bought your property in Mallorca, and the dream is about to become a reality. Exciting stuff! So what should come first?


The best advice is to get this done at the beginning. Use a local ‘gestoria’ and lawyer to advise you on the process and, if possible, to actually do it for you. The Oficina de Extranjería (Immigration Office) is not the most exciting place in the world – in fact, this is definitely not the Mallorca you were dreaming of – but to get what you need, you have to be there physically. If you are moving here full-time, a residencia card is obligatory, and if you are coming from the UK with Brexit looming, it’s best to get it done.

Tax is also something to think about, as a non-resident you are liable to pay a non-resident income tax, if you are renting your property then you need to declare your income. See our Tax Guide here.

At a more local level, signing on to the Padrón at your Town Hall is a happier item on your to-do list. Take your passport, NIE (or Residencia card if you already have it), the deeds to your property and a recent utility bill, and you will receive a ‘Certificado de Empadronamiento’. Along with being registered and able to vote in local elections, the best of all is an entitlement to discounted travel around Spain. Flights to the mainland can be reduced by 50%, inter-island travel by 75%. You can get the ‘Certificado de Viaje’ once you’re on the Padrón and it is well worth the bother!


If you’re getting mixed up with your “buenos días” and “bon dia”, your “gracias” and “gràcies”, then you know of the language complexities in your new home. While many live in Mallorca without learning a single word of Spanish or Catalan, those that do can definitely notice a difference in their daily life. Neighbours become friends, shopkeepers know you by name, the people in your preferred coffee bar will know what you want before you’ve sat down; in general, people open up to you.

There are language schools in the north, and there are private teachers who offer one-to-one sessions and conversation classes. Also, as English is essential to islanders, many are keen to learn from you. Language exchanges are frequent and these involve nothing more than sitting having a coffee and chatting in two languages, picking up vocabulary and phrases along the way.

For children, the younger they are, the easier it will be for them to learn. With sponge-like brains, their capacity to pick up a new language will thrill and astound you. In a local school, the children can receive extra help, but nothing works better than playing with new friends.

Social Life

Depending on where you are living, you will find it relatively easy to find new friends. Foreign residents tend to converge naturally as they frequent the same bars and restaurants. But once the novelty wears off, there are plenty of ways to integrate and meet people from the whole community.

Sports Centres in the north have swimming classes and regular municipal-run activity for many sports including general fitness. There are also private groups that meet every week including football, rugby, netball, athletics and more. Trail running in the Tramuntana is popular, and many meet at the weekends and compete in local races. Language classes will help you join in fully, but even if your grasp of the language is weak, a willingness to learn is often repaid with patience and help.

If sport is not your thing, there are plenty of local groups and organisations that hold regular meetings and events. Whether it’s charity appeals or wine appreciation, bridge or art classes, there’s plenty of activity, and a quick look on Facebook or asking around will point you in the right direction.

Life in Mallorca is relaxed, it can be cold and quiet in the winter, lively and bright in the summer, but each season rewards with its stunning landscape and inimitable charm. There’s so much more to it than the beach and living here (for long holidays or long-term) means it is all there for the taking.

Holiday rental license prices revealed

The Board of Tourist Accommodation Exchange (CBAT) will approve the pricing to buy holiday bed licenses in the Balearics on the 26th June.

To set minimums, the CBAT has determined prices for each sector which include 875 Euros per place of occupancy for apartments, 3,500 Euros for villas and townhouses and 291,67 Euros for those who choose to rent their home for up to 60 days. There will be the possibility to split this payment into five yearly instalments.

All licenses require the habitability certificate to determine the maximum occupancy which cannot be surpassed.

Owners will have the option to renew the licenses every five years and additionally if they wish they can sell them back since they acquire them in usufruct.

Both hoteliers and homeowners will have to start paying the new prices once they are in force. Holiday homeowners will be able to buy these places from the moment in which the tourist zoning in Mallorca is approved.

The total number of places that the CBAT currently controls is 42,000 and the funds collected will be invested to improve tourist infrastructure. An investment of 9 million Euros is expected for this year.

A Dream Cycling Holiday in the North of Mallorca

When it comes to luxury villas, Mallorca has them in spades. And, when it comes to your cycling holiday on the island, you don’t have to miss out on the best property Mallorca has to offer.

Here in the north there are plenty of rental villas that can complete your dream cycling trip. So, here is a checklist that will help you make the all-important selection.

Luxury Villa for your Cycling Trip – A Checklist

Check the location. Is it near the main cycling routes? Can you easily get to bike shops and centres for all important supplies and maintenance?

In the north of Mallorca, the ride to Lluc and into the Tramuntana are popular. The cap de Formentor (soon to be exclusive to cyclists and the odd shuttle bus), the road up to La Victoria, as well as the wetlands, coastal routes and country lanes in between are all a happy cyclist’s playground. Choose your villa with the routes in mind.

Whether you travelled with your bike, or you’ve rented one from one of the excellent suppliers here on the island, the last thing you want is for it to go missing or get damaged. When you’re selecting accommodation, look at the security. Can you lock your bikes away, is there a protected area undercover for the bikes to be stored out of any bad weather?

Test the R&R – this is your holiday after all. After a long day on the saddle, you want to be able to relax and your choice of villa can determine how well you do this. Does the villa have a pool or Jacuzzi for those aching legs? Do you have some space for a massage?

If you’re looking at a countryside property, look at the access. Is it a smooth ride or a bumpy track to the entrance?

How about facilities? Make sure there is a decent washing machine. You need to feel fresh every day when you hit the road. Also, for hanging out post- or pre- ride, is there enough to keep you entertained? Games room, satellite TV… the best villas will cater for all tastes and needs.

Our Luxury Villas for Cyclists

Here at Prestige Villas, we have just what you need. Here’s a selection of our favourites:

Can Menut Nou

So often we hear, “I want a villa with countryside surroundings but just a 5 minute walk to the town.” It’s not always easy to work miracles, but with Can Menut Nou, it is. This villa is right on the edge of Pollensa Old Town, round the corner from the road to Lluc. What’s more it has a Jacuzzi, pool and a table tennis table.

Estrella de Calvari

The jewel in Pollensa’s crown are the Calvari steps. Many a wanderer has taken in the stunning properties while also taking in the view of this beautiful old town. Set back from the steps, Estrella del Calvari is away from the tourist trail so privacy is not an issue, and its modern design and breathtaking views will make you feel like the King or Queen of the Calvari (just bear in mind that it comes with a hilly walk — or ride — up, depending on how tired and wobbly your legs are feeling).

Casa Lluna

Heading down to Campanet, Casa Lluna will get you right on track for the Tramuntana cycling routes. Whether you’re heading up through Selva and on to Lluc, or looping your way to Soller, this villa is at a superb starting point. Just beware that once you’re in, it will be difficult to leave. The design and quality of this beautiful house will make you feel right at home.

Moscari I

The idea that holiday rental villas need a neutral or blank canvas interior is lost on this holiday home from home. Many a chic boutique hotel screams with character and so does Moscari I. Executed with style, taste and with no expense spared, this luxury villa adds a splash of colour to your cycling holiday. In fact your fitness levels will get a boost just from rushing to get back to it every day.

Moscari II

This luxury holiday home can be connected to its big brother, Moscari I, so your cycling holiday party can get bigger than you thought. Expect more of the same character and chic boutique feel and say hello to the pool table and tennis court. Oh yes, this could make your dream cycling holiday come true.

For more properties in Mallorca, check out our website: villa rentals and sales.



Lluna de la Font, new luxury villa to rent in Pollensa

Just outside of Pollença town is la Font, a small residential area built on the hillside offering the properties that sit there an elevated view of the countryside and landscape of North Mallorca.

Among those houses is Lluna de la Font, a new property that we are featuring for the 2018 season. Located right at the end of a cul de sac, the way the villa was designed means that neighbours do not overlook it and you can enjoy the utmost privacy and tranquillity.

Complementing the high-quality construction is traditional Mallorcan architectural features such as stone walls and beams throughout the interiors. The interior of the house is elegant with a modern feel to it, full of natural light, warmth and beautiful open plan spaces.

The outside has a classic rough stone façade and plenty of terraced areas to sit and relax.That said, the real beauty of this villa lies in the views and many spacious outdoor areas surrounding the house. The main terrace is a suntrap, and with a long 14m saltwater pool it’s easy to cool off in the hot summer sun.

The property is excellent for larger groups and is fully functioning with a very well equipped, tried and tested kitchen. If you’re more of an outdoor chef, there’s a gas BBQ and a BBQ built into the rocks.


The villa has four bright bedrooms and is perfect for 8 guests. Changeovers are on a Friday at this property, and there are plenty of weeks available throughout the season. It’s a great property at any time of year.

To see more photos or to enquire, take a look at our website by clicking here.

When MANA Media came to Los Olivos

We were approached by the marketing team Saatchi & Saatchi to host a photoshoot at Los Olivos in Pollença. The photoshoot was one of twenty-four locations picked globally and Los Olivos was chosen from over 1,000,000 properties listed on the portal HomeAway. Quite an honour, I think you’ll agree. Only the very best properties were selected and Los Olivos was one of them. The beautiful photographs were taken during two days of intense set up and shooting. The photographers that took the photos were from MANA Media, an international content creation and production agency with teams in London, LA, New York and Portland. Capturing beautiful images with vibrant colours and with great attention to the finest details.

We’re pretty pleased with the results. Have a look for yourself.

Los Olivos is available for rent throughout the year. Since the photos were taken, a jacuzzi and outdoor kitchen have been added.

Los Olivos
The entrance to the property, which overlooks Golf Pollensa.
Los Olivos
Beautiful terrace for relaxing in the sun or taking a dip in the infinity pool.
Los Olivos
Covered dining terrace and plenty of areas to relax in the shade.
Los Olivos
Stunning views across the North of Mallorca.
Los Olivos
The villa lit up in all its glory in the evening.
Los Olivos
Gorgeous interior design, designed by Uber. Relaxing and comfortable place to relax indoors.
Los Olivos
Impressive entrance hall with large windows flooding the property with natural light.
Los Olivos
Large terrace for al fresco living.
Los Olivos
Fully equipped kitchen.
Los Olivos
One of six bedrooms.
Los Olivos
Master bedroom with twin bathtubs.

The Four Season of Life in Mallorca – Part I – Winter

Life in Mallorca as a local, a visitor or an ex-pat encompasses plenty of blue sky days, great food & drink, sport, relaxation and culture. Whatever your interests and hobbies are, you’re sure to find something in Mallorca that grips you and makes you want to come back time and time again, or to set up home.

Unless you’re somewhere like Palma, life is pretty seasonal, in the summer the atmosphere throughout the island is alive with the throng of visitors and locals blending together to take advantage of the fantastic beaches and summer sun. Winter is a more quiet affair with a feeling of the ‘locals taking their island back’ with the population reducing drastically and the life taking a step back and going a little slower. That’s not to say that the place closes completely, there are plenty of festivals and firas throughout the island which are some of the best events in the calendar.

Don’t be fooled, winter (normally) is a cold time of year here, with a cool wind coming in off the sea, when there aren’t blue skies it certainly is chilly. Winter can be harsh but it’s also a charming time of year, with festivals like Sant Antoni, Sant Sebastià and of course the highlight – the Three Kings (5th January). The towns and cities across Spain host a Cabalgata, which is a parade where sweeties are thrown to the crowds by the Kings and others taking part in the parade. Then afterwards, families head home to share gifts.

The market is an all year round event. Different produce but still great, authentic products.
The market is an all year round event. Different produce but still great, authentic products.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the North of Mallorca, the next big party isn’t far off, Sant Antoni is celebrated on the 17th January and the main event is cutting down a pine tree measuring around 23 meters tall. It is then dragged through from the valley where it was cut down, into the centre of Pollença to the Plaça Vella. From there, it is rubbed in soap and erected with help from some ropes and a pulley system hoisting the tree tall. Next up is the climb, brave Pollencins are then invited to climb to the top to reach a basket filled with a live chicken and a bag full of confetti. This is no easy feat and sometimes crowds are waiting hours before someone makes it to the top. Of course most who take part are in training the whole year before hand.

Wonderful photo taken by mallorcaleneholmager on Instagram:
Wonderful photo of almond blossom taken by mallorcaleneholmager on Instagram:

The gorgeous flora and fauna of Mallorca starts to show off in the winter with the sprinkling of almond blossom dotting the countryside. The island is greener than ever taking in the rain water from the winter and grasses and bushes are covering the countryside in green while the trees prepare for blossom.

snow in pollença
Snow in Pollença, 2015

This year we’ve started off winter with unseasonable warm and dry weather. That’s not to say it’ll continue like this, if there’s anything I know, it’ll be that it can change in an instant. Being surrounded by mountains and sea can bring violent storms and rapidly changing weather fronts. Let’s see what happens this year…

Winter in Mallorca is a great time for cycling, hiking or just generally enjoying the outdoors.

Cycling Mallorca
Cycling in the North of Mallorca

We’ll continue this post in a few months with our Spring blog.

Sales Highlight of the Month – Tamarells 2D

Port de Pollença, or Puerto Pollensa has proved itself time and time again to be a great holiday destination and a great place to invest in the property market. With a range of properties, we aim to pick our a highlight each month that might take our reader’s fancy. This October we’re bringing you an apartment located by the residential area of Pinaret in Puerto Pollensa, very close to the beach.

Tamarells 2D

Tamarells 2D

This top floor apartment comprises a lounge with kitchen area, balcony overlooking the communal swimming pool, one double bedroom and a full bathroom.

Tamarells 2D

Tamarells 2D

The property makes for an ideal holiday break location and is easy to maintain, has low community costs.

The apartment is air conditioning, has built in wardrobes and access to the community swimming pool.

Build area: 45sqm

Bedrooms: 1 double

Bathrooms: 1 full

Price: 115,000 €

You can also view the property on our website and enquire: Tamarells 2D

Let it rain, hail, thunder and lightning…

Mallorca and the rest of the Balearics have been hit with a weather warning. We’ve got lots of rain, thunder and lightning in store for us this Wednesday. Despite that meaning it’s time to stay indoors and find other activities to do other than the beach, it does make way for some stunning photography of how wild nature can be.

Here are some photos that we’ve found on twitter, worthy of sharing.


Featured image credit: @wetteronline from twitter

Dream Villa for Sale in the Mountains – Can Picassa

Located in the Vall d’en March area of Pollença, North Mallorca, Can Picassa sits proud in one of the most stunning valleys in North Mallorca. Boasting fantastic views of the mountains and Mediterrean landscape of Mallorca, this villa has been totally refurbished to a modern yet traditional style. The façade is traditional stone and throughout the property you’ll find wooden beams on the ceilings and traditional Mallorcan architecture. The property is a masterpiece located in a private and tranquil setting.

What’s more, Vall d’en March has featured in The Guardian in the Readers’ tips: the best things to do in Mallorca. This is the place to spend long summer nights with friends and family. The pool and sunbathing area have breathtaking views and there is an outdoor kitchen, BBQ area, guest house and Jacuzzi.

Taking a step inside, the light flooding into the villa makes the place feel bright and spacious.


First of all you are welcomed by a spacious entrance hall with two sitting areas and fireplace.

The rustic kitchen has access to one of the various Mallorquin style patios and is located right next to the living room and entrance hall.


The outdoor area offers stunning views to the mountains, an outdoor kitchen with separate BBQ area, lounge area and a generous oval shaped outdoor pool.

The main house and guest house offer a total of 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

You can enquire about this property through our website: Can Picassa

Price: 3.4m Euros

Bedrooms: 6 double, Bathrooms: 4 full

Plot size: 35400m2, Built area: 350m2

Moscari I & II – your toughest decision is which you like better

Welcome to the stunning villas Moscari I and Moscari II. Set in the beautiful Mediterranean countryside in Mallorca, both are on a quiet country road between the sleepy towns of Moscari and Selva, fairly unchartered tourist territory. Boasting fantastic views of the beautiful Mediterranean landscape of Mallorca, these two luxury villas sit proud on the hill with views stretching out as far as the bay of Alcudia. With both villas having ample swimming pools, five luxurious twin bedrooms each with en-suite shower rooms, well designed kitchens and dining areas as well as a relaxing lounge and impressive views from the vast terraces. Your main challenge will be deciding which you prefer and where’d you’d like to stay.

Moscari I

Sitting above Moscari II, Moscari I is just slightly larger than it’s sister villa. The outdoor terrace has a great decking area where there are groovy wooden rocking sun loungers with leaf shape shades to keep the hot sun off of you. If you prefer, you can relax in the pergola rec area which has direct access to the large BBQ house where you’ll find everything you need for summer evening meals. There are three double en-suite bedrooms on this lower floor and a den with big screen TV and billiard table. Going upstairs, you are welcomed by magnificent views from the open plan lounge, diner and kitchen, all exquisitely decorated with colourful seats and contrasting neutral work surfaces and metal lamp shades. The villa is ideal for two families travelling together as the set up has two master bedrooms; one on the lower floor and one on the upper floor. The property has polished concrete floors throughout and in the winter months they are warmed by underfloor heating to give the villa a cosy feel, to add to that there is a wood burning fire in the lounge. The lounge and kitchen give onto the terrace with wraps around the back and side of the villa and is the ideal place to enjoy breakfast as the sunrises in the distance.


Moscari II

So where do we begin with Moscari II, as you enter the hallway, the ‘wow factor’ is evident, with a fantastic round light feature the first thing ones eye catches, as you pass to the other side of the entrance you’ll find the billiard table and another great light fitting, stretching right down from the high ceiling. The open plan lounge, dining table and kitchen give onto the fun outdoor space complete with swimming pool which features a counter-current flow to challenge the swimmers amongst us.

As you go upstairs, there’s the zen area where light floods in through the large windows. You can sit and relax with a book inside or enjoy the spectacular views from the first floor terrace, of which two of the bedrooms have direct access. The vantage point from this villa is phenomenal, something hard to capture in photographs. The views out of the dining room windows are to the pretty vegetable plot with herbs, tomatoes and some young banana trees.

Both properties share a full sized tennis court and table tennis table. Of course the views from there are exceptional too. What’s for certain is that a lot of love, care and attention was put into this villa to renovate it from a once simple rustic finca to the stylish designer villa it is today. Each piece of furniture has a story to tell as the owners hand picked each item from their travels around the World. With bursts of bright colours, natural tones, neutral colours and fabrics, the property comes together in a blissful harmony.

To decide between each is all a matter of personal taste, but if you are to rent one of these villas you can be rest assured that you’ll be staying in one of the best designed and furnished villas on the island. Both are priced the same and available to rent for the remaining weeks of 2015 and 2016.

The properties are suitable for events and the space between the properties is terraced and can be used for banquet style dining. Prices and numbers for events will be confirmed shortly.

To see more photos and prices, visit our website on the following links:

Moscari I & Moscari II